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Many people think that the way to a nice chiseled six pack is thru crunches, crunches, sit ups and more crunches.  While this will help in the toning and tightening of your abdominal region, one very key component to achieving “Flat Abs”, is your diet!  That being said “Abs are carved in the kitchen”.  Below are 4 must eat fat-loss veggies… these veggies help to keep your metabolism purring in fat loss mode.  Packed with fiber and giving you that full feeling, you can eat these until your belly’s content!

  1. Cucumbers:  because a cucumber exerts a mild diuretic effect, its especially good in a weight loss program
  2. Tomato:  a great source of vitamin E,B6,K and folate, and magnesium and potassium
  3. Asparagus:  a good source for protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and with the presence of the amino acid asparagine, Asparagus serves as a natural diuretic
  4. Romaine lettuce:  compared to the others, this lettuce version has a fairly low amount of sugar and generally more fiber, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Adding these 4 veggies to your diet along with a lower carb diet will truly help you flatten the stomach!  However, abs may be carved in the kitchen but, muscle (burns more fat) is created in the gym… Check us out on Facebook @ Keep Fit Inc for a few ab moves that will help tone, build muscle and burn more FAT!!!