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About Us

Keep Fit is a training studio that has the spaciousness and many of the bells and whistles that you would find in a full service gym. We have a professional, private, and friendly environment with a courteous and knowledgeable staff dedicated to serve and help you succeed!

Keep Fit is a studio that can help you lose weight, tone, drop a few vanity pounds, sports-specific training, etc.. Whatever your fitness needs are we can help you succeed!

Meet Your Personal Trainers
Kelvin Freeman & Yvette Johnson

Kelvin Freeman

My name is Kelvin Freeman, President/Owner of Keep Fit, Inc. About 13 years ago I decided to dedicate my life to helping others achieve their fitness/wellness goals, something that I’m very passionate about.

As an independent Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) I trained clients in their homes, small training studios, and at large gyms throughout downtown Chicago and the south suburbs.

I began competing (and placing) in NPC body-building shows in 2005 and remain active. In June 2013, stepping out on faith I decided to open a training studio.

Yvette Johnson

Hi! My name is Yvette Johnson, Manager/Trainer at Keep Fit Inc.

I have always been into my own health and fitness, but about 14 years ago, with a lot of encouragement and support from friends and family, I decided to share my love/passion for fitness, and help others to reach their own health/fitness goals.

After going back to school and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I began training at various gyms in the south suburbs of Chicago, as well as having a home studio. In June of 2013 I joined Kelvin Freeman at Keep Fit where I found just the combination I desired.

Keep Fit provides every thing you look for in a large gym, but in the private environment that many of my clients were looking for!

Come see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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