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Hard Work

Hard Work Always Pays Off


Don’t wait too long to eat between meals. Typically you want to be eating 5-6 small meals a day, about every 3 hours. This helps to keep your blood glucose levels from dropping, thus preventing your body from breaking down muscle for energy

One way to do this is to pack and carry your food with you. This also helps to keep you from making the bad fast food choices, when you’re out, hungry, and only have those options

When Strength Training (commonly known as lifting weights), it’s recommended that you have on and off days, thus allowing your body a chance to rest and recover. This can be done by working the Total Body one day and resting it the next. Or if you’re truly a workout fanatic and waanna do something every day, you can break the body up into muscles and work different muscles each day.

For example, Chest and Triceps on Monday, Glutes (Butt) and Hamstrings on Tuesday and so on from there. If this is the method you choose “Great”, but still allow your body 1-2 days of rest and recovery, so that you can get the maximum benefits out of your workouts and help to avoid muscle damage and/or fatigue.